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Thursday, December 4, 2014

You Say What Dear?

I am still working on the tractor but had to stop a second to write this down before I forget. Men and Women (most often women) accuse the opposite sex of not listening to the other. I don’t know how many times in my lifetime I have been told by a woman: I told you that and you didn’t listen to me! Well there is a stage two of this condition as you get older you may be listening to your spouse but not hear correctly what they are saying.

I have the tractor running…..clap loud, but notice no oil pressure. I actu
ally read the service manual and find that you need to prime the oil pump on old cubs anytime you have removed all oil from the system. There is a little hole you use to prime it on the left side so I needed a funnel. Now having been trained early in life that you don’t use a woman’s tools I knew better then to take one of Genny’s funnels. So I figure I will run down to Big Lot and buy a cheap set for the garage. I go up to brush my hair and ask Genny if they sell funnels at Big Lot.
Her response was, how many of the damn things do you need, you got one under your computer desk and one lying on the floor in the garage? I look at her and am thinking……I got a damn funnel under my computer desk? So I ask the question and a little louder, you say I have a funnel up under my computer desk? She says oh funnel, they are in the third drawer under the silverware in the kitchen.

I have no idea what it is she thought I said, maybe I should go up and ask. I l
ooked under the computer table and then the garage floor and didn’t see anything that matched.

So I went to the dollar general and they didn't have a small enough funnel so was looking around the house for something else to use. I ran across the perfect thing. It is an attachment to Genny's hand held steamer. She uses it to take wrinkles out of certain clothes. It would work great and save me a trip down to Wal-Mart to get an oil can (I use to h
ave one but have no idea where it is at) and in my younger days I would have used the steamer attachment. But being an older and wiser man think I will go buy and oil can and squirt the oil into the hole like the cub site forum suggest. But you younger bucks could get away with it in the same situation as young bucks get away with more. Just look the wife in the eye and say, baby you know men are dumb as rocks, I had no idea what that thing was for or that it would mess it up to pour oil thru it. Warning thou, it only works one time and it cost and you have to buy a new one of what ever she uses the steamer on. That seven dollar oil can could cost you sixty bucks or more.

Art Nalley
Redneck Heritage Network
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