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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tractor Short and the Sleeping Mind

It is amazing how the mind works especially and older model like mine. You can solve the most perplexing problems in your sleep which is a good thing if you can’t figure them out awake. I have the tractor put back together and as soon as my new gas strainer bowl is delivered (hopefully today) I will have that bad girl running and showing it off around the neighborhood. But first I had a problem.

When I went to hook up the battery I have a whole lot of sparking, not good. So I must have a short somewhere but where. Damn Art you labeled all the wires when you took it off and they all stayed on the wire till you hooked them up but one. But that one was the longest wire and there was only one thing left to hook up when to that point and it was the only wire long enough, so you have a good chance of having got that right too. This has been going on for the last couple of days, I have looked over the wiring a few times but could not figure out what I did wrong but every time you try to hook up the battery big spark. So in my dreams last night I see a picture like below with the following statement and I believe I heard a voice also but can’t remember

<<<<<<<This is where the short is Dumb Ass

The picture showed the wire going from the positive post to the starter touching the starter itself in addition to the starter post and therefore shorting the system.So I get up this morning grab my 5/8 inch wrench and a cup of coffee and go down to look. And I will be damn if that wire was not exactly like the picture said it was. I moved it ninety degrees to the right and re-tightened it. Hook up battery and no spark. Turn key, pray, pray some more and pull starter rod. Starter turns over and no short. I will have her running within the week. Life is good. Now if I can only get that one part I need delivered today I will get her running

Here is how she looks now!

Art Nalley
Redneck Heritage Network
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