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Monday, August 4, 2014

Woolmarket Man Faces Danger Worse then Killer Shark

Wool market Man faces Danger Worse than Killer Shark Swimming Nude off Gulf Shores, AL Beach.

Well I have been facing a little of a writer’s  block lately coming up with new stories for my blog but I figure this dream I had last night would be some excellent material for a story.

I am sending it out to the masses on face book also because I have heard that there are people trained in Interpreting dreams and I would love to know the inner meaning or reason for this dream.

In this dream my wife (Genny) had talked me into us going to the beach at Gulf Shores and getting a condo for the week.  One afternoon we walked the beach till we found a bar and stopped to have a few drinks. Well the sun was going down later and we decide to walk the beach back to the Condo and so we are walking holding hands when Genny says wish we were wearing our bathing suits we could go for a dip. I said hell don’t look like no one is around lets skinny dip.  So we take off our clothes and walking out in the water and get a little over waist deep. About mid way of my beer belly. Well I grab Genny and start to kiss her when I almost immediately felt a very sharp pain in my groin area.  So I start splashing the water and hollering and running toward the shore.  When I get to shore and out of the water I look down to see that a big ass Blue Crab has grabbed a hold of my private part.

So I am running around the beach (60 years old man now) with this damn blue crab hanging on for life blowing in the wind. So Genny thinks it is funny but she doesn’t know what to do so she gets her cell phone out of her shorts and calls 911.  Well the ambulance and the cops shows up and as they come out to the beach they see this old man running around with a blue crab stuck to him and they commence to laughing but trying to help but they got to chase me down and restrain me before they can do anything.  Well one of the cops realizes this may be a once in a lifetime story and so he takes pictures and films the paramedics and cops holding me down and removing the crab.  So after they remove the crab they give me a numbing shot and bandage it up and I get dressed and they drop me and Genny off at the condo. The cops didn't give me a ticket or anything I guess they figured time served into my punishment.  So the next morning I open the condo door and see a local paper sitting there so I pick it up.  There is a big ass picture of me on the front page with the headline: Wool market Man faces Danger Worse than Killer Shark Swimming Nude off Gulf Shores, AL Beach. It was about this time that I woke up because that is the end of what I can remember from the dream.

So some say a dream usually has something in it that happened to you in real life but couldn’t think of what that could be and then I remembered spending the night with David Mason my Wool market baseball friend when I was around 10-12.  Well David’s daddy Mr. Von Mason (who was also my baseball coach) had gone out with some of his buddies that night and went crabbing. They had come back with a big ole tin wash tub filled with crabs.  Mr. Von Mason carried over to the shade of a tree and was going to run up to the local store for some ice to put on the crabs and then take a little nap before he began the work on cleaning them.  Well David and I come out of his front door to see one of his beagles with long old floppy ears looking into the wash tub. So all of a sudden like this Beagle starts howling and running round and round the house with this blue crab hanging on his ear. Mr. Von comes back into the drive way from the store and sees David and me laughing and trying to catch this dog to help him out. Mr. Von finally catches the dog and has David and I get him some pliers out of the garage for him to remove the crab.

So maybe my dream goes back to that childhood experience, I don’t know but I figured I would throw that hound story out there with my story for some background.

Other then that I am taking some new pain medicine for a little gout I recently got.  Ya’ll help me figure this dream out and if any of you Woolmarket folks know David Mason’s email address please forward him this story to see if he remembers that time with the hound and the crab.  I am sure it will give him a good laugh.


Art Nalley

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