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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Southern Saying Explained

Well folks it looks like old Art is finally going to write a book and it all come about quite innocently.   I was reading my thingagigger (tablet) and read a story about a woman saying her ex Mother in Law was “As Seen on TV Crazy” and it got me thinking back to all the old Southern sayings I use to hear growing up.  Now that was a new one to me and I have been collecting these for years so I just had to reach out and share it.  So the logical step was to determine where to share and I just happen to belong to this group called “Gone But Not Forgotten” .  It primarily consist of a bunch of old folks like me that like to share memories and pictures of the Coast of Mississippi as it used to look back in our day. So while posting I ask them what are some of the saying’s you heard growing up and so far we are up to 436 sayings with a few duplicates of Corse. I was amazed at how many different ones came out in this message and I laughed till I cried several times reading them.  The group seems to enjoy them also.

Several of the folks said Art you should collect all these and write a book and I thought about it as they kept rolling off the press.  You see I have been writing for many years little short stories about life for the Redneck Heritage Network but I never got around to actually publishing the stories in a book as writing a book is a lot of work and I am retired don’t you see.  But I decided to write this book with an addition of not only printing the saying but adding below each a saying my best guess of the real meaning of the saying or what was provided as the meaning of the saying by the contributors.

You know they say the English Language if one of the hardest to learn because a word can be used so many different ways in English and mean something else each time. Well I got to thinking while reading these sayings the South kicks it up a notch and puts sentences together that totally mean something else versus what you are hearing in a lot of cases. A book that explains the inner meanings could be of great value to other cultures trying to understand us.  Just one example of what I mean is the term that dog don’t hunt.  Now let’s say you a foreigner (which is anywhere outside the Mason Dixon Line) and someone you are talking to says that too you. Not understanding what he means could lead to an ass whipping.  You’re busy wondering where the damn dog is he is talking about when he is actually telling you that you are full of bullshit and he does not believe what you are telling him. As this book will demonstrate there are hundreds, maybe thousands of these.  I feel I must warn you reading these sayings can be addictive and don’t be surprised the day you slip up and use one in a cooperate meeting. Use them in a conversation with your southern friends and you will impress them.
For us true born and bred southern’s  this book would be great for a sitting around the fire family meeting cause it is sure to bring back old memories and additions with someone saying:  You remember when Grandma said?  Make sure you buy a copy for Aunt Jane, Uncle Billy-Bob and the kids.


Art Nalley