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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Genny and the Old versus the New

That Genny has an answer for everything! I was lying in the bed sleeping last night; Genny next to me watching television with her TV ears on when something obviously made a noise because baby starts barking all over the place and Genny hits me and says what is that!!!! I say what is what? She said there was a loud noise in the house go check to make sure no one is in the house and that all the doors are locked. I go down in the basement all the doors are locked and no one is down there so come back upstairs. Look at the back deck and see a flower arrangement she refuses to move inside (it has blown over no less than 1000 times) lying on its side. I go back to get in bed and said there is nothing down stairs, the doors are all locked and that damn flower arrangement has blown over again so it was probably that. She says okay.

I said tell me something, what makes it the man's job to go down to face possible danger all the time? Why is it in these days of equal rights the woman can't go down to do it from time to time.

She says because it is the man's job to be the protector of the family it says so in the Bible! I said oh it does huh? Well you remember when we were watching Mosses on television a few weeks ago and they cast him out into the desert? She says yeah. Well if I remember correctly when he was found it was by about seven women and they were taking care of the sheep and protecting them while the old man was back at the tent sleeping or playing checkers or something. I figured I had her there as it got quite for a few seconds then she said: That was the Old Testament, you could get away with stuff like that in the Old Testament but in the New Testament they made it the man's job! Now go to sleep I am watching television!

End of discussion

Art Nalley

Redneck Heritage Network


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