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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Adventures with Mr. Tucker

Mr. Tucker as I call him is a little boy that lives down the street. He hangs around me from time to time and I told him the Red Eye Story and we even killed a Red Eye one night around his house. For those that don't know Red Eye: I thought was the family ghost started by my grandfather but recently heard Troy Landry of Swamp people talk about Red Eye in the Swamp so maybe it part of the French culture. There is a film of Tucker and crew going after Redeye and I will try to attach to this blog. Well a few months ago I saw him and started on about that Red Eye and must have got on his nerves. A few days later he comes to the house and gives Genny and big hug but says nothing to me, not even a high five.

I know he is mad about something but have no idea what so I go on down and read the computer. Genny must have picked up on this as I am walking up the stairs and I here Genny say. I think you have hurt Mr. Art's feelings not talking to him. What are you upset with him about. Tucker said: He talks about Red Eye alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. Genny says well when he comes up tell him about it. So I finish coming up and go and sit in my seat and watch TV waiting on him to make his move. A few minutes later he comes over and stands in front of me and taps me on the knee. I look down at him and say yes Tucker. He says Mr. Art I love you to death but I don't want to hear anything else about no Red Eye. He's goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, you understand he is gone! I said okay buddy I will try and we high fived.
Yesterday I am laying in bed reading when I see Mr. Tucker (5 year old) come down the hall and go to the bathroom. On the way out he says hey Mr. Art before going back outside with the women and kids to play. Five minutes later Genny comes in and hears water, and there is Water on the floor. So begins my butt chewing and I look and Mr. Tucker is standing right by her listing to me get it. On and on about how she told me to fix this a month ago. I look at Mr. Tucker as he knows I can out him if I want to. He is shaking his head in agreement with Genny as I get chewed. So I look at him and say I didn't do it! He looks up at her with his lip quivering and says I didn't do NOTHING! I just go ahead and take my ass chewing as there ain't no way to win with Genny and a five year old boy.
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