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Thursday, December 4, 2014

What Women Really Want Patient #234654387623312


Since the dawn of man we as men have been trying to figure this out and over the history of the world everyone has fell short of getting it down pat. I have to tell you now I suspected the answer before but it never really sunk in till recently. Sometimes it has to hit you up side the head a few times before you pay attention. Now you young stud's may think it’s your love making ability or your job, money or your good looks but you are living in a false universe that is no where close to reality. I still have all of the above but it is not called on as often as this one thing. Now children I know you don’t like to hear about this stuff (while thinking about your parents) but she even has requested it immediately after sex.

I am telling you this is the equivalent of a man asking for his woman to get him a cold one!

The women reading this probably already know the answer but you guys are still clueless.

All a woman wants is a good regular back scratching. They don’t care if your watching the National news, up goes the shirt and the command of please scratch my back comes out of their mouth. It is hard to figure out all the worlds’ problems when you have to listen to commands such as left, right, little more, up, down, ahhh. They really do like it more then sex. If you don’t believe me, take a bath, brush your teeth, shave, take her to a nice dinner then come home and offer her one of two things. Just for you babe, I am going to give you a choice tonight…….Would you rather have sex or your back scratched. I will bet you good money if you present it as an either or, you won’t be getting any sex.

Now there has to be some money in this as there are a lot of women in the world without any regular man or without a man that will really give them what they want as often as they would like.

A need exist for a Strap on, light weight, voice activated recognition system, battery and AC run back scratcher. The time has come. It was not possible to build one before as the ones developed did not have any voice recognition capability so therefore it just scratched at random. Take my word for it when a woman is getting her back scratched she wants something that follows directions and would pay anything for that. All you have to do is make the promise that the product will follow instructions and that it is currently 50% off the normal pricing.

I have two brothers that are engineer’s one mechanical and the other electrical and that is two of the three skill sets we need to put this baby on the market. Of course I will handle the promotion. Got an idea for an ad I can start with placing an ad on the dating sites. I figure it is smart to start with the women you know don’t have a back scratcher and then work into the I got one but he don’t work to well market.

Ladies do you really want the rest of this package to get what you truly desire? Do you really need or want a man? Or is what you really need a great voice activated and dependable back scratcher? For a limited time only and at 50% off we have exactly what you desire and can provide 24 hour service. Guaranteed or your money back and that is a lot better deal then what it will take to maintain him!

Art “Bubba” Nalley
Redneck Heritage Network
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